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How to Stretch Asics Running Shoes

2010 July 30
Posted by zhaoliuhappy123

You have recently bought a new pair of asics running shoes which you found comfortable when you tried at the asics shoe store. As you try to wear them at home, you find that it is a bit tight for your feet and it hurts when you walk. Even the size bigger than the present one could be too large for you. Moreover, you do not want to return the asics running shoes as you like them a lot. It is very disappointing but many of us have gone through this kind of a situation. An easy solution to this problem is to find out how to stretch the asics shoes so that some extra space can be created inside the asics running shoes.

How to Stretch Asics Running Shoes Using a Shoe Stretcher?

Shoe stretcher is a hand operated device made of wood or plastic and has a shape similar to that of a human foot. It is fitted with a number of screws so that its size can be adjusted as per requirements. It can be purchased from any local asics shoe stores. Set the size of the shoe stretcher in such a way that it can be inserted into the asics shoe easily. Once you have placed it into the asics shoe, adjust the screw in such a way that a tension is formed within. Keep the stretcher inside the asics shoe for around 12 hours and then remove it. Wear the stretched asics shoe to find if it eases off the pressure on your feet or not. If no, then put the stretcher back and adjust the screw to increase the tension further. Keep the stretcher in it for less number of hours this time.

How to Stretch Asics Running Shoes Without a Shoe Stretcher?

If you do not wish to buy a shoe stretcher, then there are some other home based methods for stretching asics shoes. Here are two such simple procedures that does not involve use of shoe stretcher.

Sometimes, it may happen that when you wear those tight asics shoes then it pinches only some areas of your feet. This problem can be solved using a hair dryer. Put on a number of socks and squeeze your feet into the asics shoe. Now apply hot air from the hairdryer over the tight areas of the asics running shoes. While blowing the hairdryer, make sure your keep stretching your feet continuously to obtain the best results. Allow the asics shoe to cool down while you keep wearing them on. Then wear normal socks and find out if the stretch is enough or not. If no, then repeat the process until you get the desired results.

Now you know how to stretch asics running shoes quickly using some simple methods at home only. No matter which method you choose for stretching asics shoes, you should go slow and work patiently. Repeat the stretching process a number of times to get the desired effect but do not stretch them for a long time. Or else, you may end up over-stretching the asics shoes.

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